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DreamDriven.NET framework designed for implementation multi-service, layered software architecture. Application based on DreamDriven.NET can consist of different services. For services integration and using opportunity application configuration file must contain services description in special section. 


Each service represents logical separated domain specific part of application. DreamDriven.NET provides base classes for implementation service artifacts: domain model, data objects, presentation interface, service contracts and other. Also DreamDriven.NET organizes NHibernate session management. Each service can be configured to separated database. For example, Service1 can use base1 at Microsoft SQL Server and Service2 can use base2 at MySQL. DreamDriven.NET will create separated NHibernate session for each service.

With NHibernate framework DreamDriven also provides using NHibernate most useful add-ins such as NHibernate.Linq, NHibernate.Validator, NHibernate.Search. You can use it without any problems.

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